Everything You Need To Know About Using Paid Advertising

CPC refers to the cost you have to pay every time your ad gets clicked. This is the amount you bid for at the keyword auction for a particular keyword you choose. The higher your bid value, the higher will be the chances of your ad placement. The CPC value is calculated as = (Competitor’s ad ranking/quality score) +0.01.

Why Your Business Website Needs Search Engine Optimization

Despite being a critical part of a webmasters job, SEO remains enigmatic to most business owners. This is because they needlessly complicate the definition and think of it as something too technical to grasp. But in reality, SEO is quite easy to comprehend and is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. Unless youContinue reading “Why Your Business Website Needs Search Engine Optimization”

23 Things to Consider When Creating Video Ads Content

A picture speaks a thousand words. So, imagine what a video can do. Video advertisement campaigns are rightly gaining the traction they deserve, and it is a good decision that you are thinking of video ads. Video ads have the potential to reach a wider set of audience and are effective in garnering clicks and impressions.

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